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General info

Antwerp is situated on the banks of river Scheld about 80 km inland in the northern Belgium. Belgium as you probably know is separated into three different region: Flanders in the north, Walloon in the south and the Brussels capital region within the Flanders about 50 km south of Antwep. The Flanders is nowadays the more wealthy part of Belgium, which is part of the reason why Flemish people don't like the French speaking Walloons.

Today Antwerp is one of worlds largest ports and the second largest in Europe after Rotterdam. The thing that makes Antwerps port different from the numerous port of the Northern Sea is that it's situatedalmost 80 km inland, which makes it more cost effective. Cargo can be shipped further inland from Antwerp all the way to neighbouring countries on barges. Antwerp's port benefits alot from the excellent road network of Belgium that connects it to many major cities and tens of millions of people living in them.

Antwerp is also one of worlds diamond capitals. Almost 85 % of world's rough diamonds, and about 50 % of polished diamonds are handled in Antwerp's diamond district.